Thursday, April 2, 2015

Doughnuts and PR's

I am so PUMPED!!!

First off,  I got to start off the day with this guy:
Why hello there, beautiful. 

Yes, that right there is a strawberry cheesecake doughnut. With this in my belly, who can have an off day?

Fast forward to the workout. After coaching the beginner's class, I decided to lay out a barbell and see what happens. The result - a 275# clean and jerk, 5# PR! 280# didn't work out, so I kept cleaning. I ended up finally breaking that 300# mark with a 310# power clean!

I'm ecstatic about these improvements for two reasons. One, my right knee hasn't been very cooperative with me in my human juggernaut endeavors and pursuits, and I have only worked out once this week and twice in the last two weeks. Hitting the two PR's is assurance that my knee isn't destined to go under the knife.

Two, I'm still getting stronger despite a lifestyle that should dictate otherwise. I've got a full time job, a baby, and a fiancĂ© that eats up all my time. These things render me to very short workouts, most of them EMOMs, that rarely exceed 12 minutes. All these factors should make me weaker and less fit, and yet all the numbers are going up. Just goes to ahow you that you have to  actively make time when it doesn't simply present itself. Reminds me of a quote from Henry Rollins that has been floating around lately:

Go forth and lift!
~Coach J