Thursday, January 5, 2012


Lately I've been cutting off the radio as I drive to the gym. For those who know me, music is the driving force behind my life, functions, and thoughts. I currently own 6, count em, SIX, pairs of headphones. Lounging around, in the shower, shooting hoops, cooking, reading, and even sleeping; there is ALWAYS music playing in my presence, and the car is most certainly no exception. The typical me usually gets in the car, turns the volume up to "OMG" and blasts the most gangsta music he can play without a felony charge to hype up for the workout. But recently there has been a startling silence. Maybe it's because I lost my car and I don't have access to the mind-numbing bass of my aftermarket stereo system. Maybe it's because I'm driving my dad's Jeep and I don't want to blow out his speakers (again). Whatever the reason, my rides have become deafeningly quiet.

It all started one morning two weeks ago. I typically do not do morning workouts (or mornings period) but for some inexplicable reason I deemed it acceptable to give it a go that day. I routinely got in the car and headed out, and then it happened. The entire world opened up before me- the sun was shining brighter and I could hear a chorus of life, even with the windows up and the stereo inaudible. In reality, all I was hearing was the sound of my breathing, the muted engine of the car, and the docile sound of the wind resistance. But it was deeper than that, much deeper. For the first time in what felt like years, I could finally hear myself think, and you know what? It felt WONDERFUL! Like the feeling of sophistication you get when you understand freeform jazz or classical music. I could focus on the task at hand, the weight I needed to lift, the goals I wanted to achieve. All of it painted in my mind more clearly than ever and I had become one with my surroundings. I went on to produce one of the best workouts I've ever had and it translated to a pretty successful and productive day.

A brief wave of sadness came over me as I identified the source of this new-found focus. I didn't even realize that I had left my iPod at home until I arrived at the gym, and honestly, I didn't even care. The true love marriage between the universe and my thoughts was being prevented by the music that I had developed a for-the-moment affair with. A pair of Skullcandy's were muddling the clarity of my hi-definition focus. You get the idea...and so I'm done. I'm done trying to amp myself up with "murda muzik" when the true excitement rises in me out of the tranquility of silence. Anyways, I'm off to sleep...with no music. Goodnight everyone.
~Love is all I got